About Daniel Norman

Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm a software developer, blogger, and maker. On the odd ocassion, I also do public speaking and educational content on software.

I currently work as a developer advocate for the open-source IPFS project.

I enjoy solving complex problems with elegant solutions by simplifying and distilling core concepts.

I've worked at early-stage startups and in the open-source space building products iteratively.

I'm proficient in full stack development and DevOps in modern cloud environments with a track record of owning the full cycle from idea to production and owning operating services using many of the SRE principles.

Over the last couple of years, I became interested in decentralisation and peer-to-peer networks which has lead me down many rabbit holes and pushed me to deepen my understanding of distributed systems, applied cryptography, and peer-to-peer networking. At first, it was intellectual curiousity, and later became a conviction about how these tools help incerase user agency on the web. This got me involved in projects such as Scuttlebutt, IPFS, Aragon and Bluesky, Ethereum.

I see myself as an effective communicator for a technical person and thrive in cross-functional teams. I enjoy learning and teaching and see it as an integral part of teamwork. I combine these skills with a solid understanding of the organisational structure to work efficiently and pragmatically in alignment with shared goals.

I take an active interest in technology, economics, psychology, arts, and how their confluence impacts society.

The methodological and interpersonal aspect of software engineering has always interested me. My work on various projects and teams has been a constant learning process.

I'm a proponent of the open-source software and have contributed to several projects in addition to maintaining several open-source projects.

When I'm not working in front of screen, I enjoy cooking, reading, photography, woodworking, hiking 🌳⛵️⛰, bicycle mechanics, and motorcycling. Oh, and I'm also a dad of twin boys.

Wanna know more? Ask me anything