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A poem about the essence of India based on my experiences as a traveller over the last 15 years

Internet Nostalgia

How the Internet grew out of its innocence and the road ahead with decentralisation

Taiwan — a new perspective

A month ago I was contemplating countries I want to visit. I usually try to follow my curiosity and see what places I feel excited about…

8 Thoughts from 2018

2018 has come to an end and it’s always great to look back and reflect. In this post, I’ll try to summarise some of the thoughts…

I’m followed by Siri

Today I discovered an interesting notification on my twitter account.

The missing piece of remote work

One of the privileges of working in the tech industry is the relative flexibility one gets. Flexible working hours is probably the most…

Why does decentralisation matter?

I’ve decided to quit my job in the financial technology industry and to focus on decentralised technologies. This is a decision that has…

The Two Rules for Life

I just finished reading 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. The book provoked some thoughts and so I’ll summarise them in this post.

That year I was 27

Today’s my 28th bday. As a writing exercise, I’m going to try to capture some reflections from the last year, expectations from the…