Projects and libraries I've built for learning, fun, and use in real world projects.

Over the years, I've built a number of libraries and apps as part of my learning joruney and also to scratch my own itches. Below are open source ones I'm proud of.

  • Voice AMA

    Voice Ask Me Anything app. Built with the WebRecorder API, Next.js, Prisma, TypeScript, Tailwind, React Query, and Cloudinary.

  • Auroqueue

    A paperless queue management system for running on a Raspberry Pi to make waiting in line more orderly.

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    Stateless CLI tool to easily pin CAR files to IPFS pinning services. Client for the IPFS Pinning Service API that speaks HTTP and Bitswap.

  • Aragon Notification Service

    A notification service that allows users to subscribe to Ethereum events and receieve email notifications. Built with Node.js and implements email based passwordless logins

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    Universal Connectivity

    Realtime decentralised chat built with libp2p and GossipSub showing ubiquitous peer-to-peer connectivity between multiple programming languages (Go, Rust, TypeScript) and runtimes (Web, native binary) using QUIC, WebRTC and WebTransport

  • real-world-grading-app

    An real-world example of a REST API backed by a PostgreSQL database for grading students. Built with TypeScript, Hapi, Prisma, and PostgreSQL intended as an educational project for teaching Prisma